Thursday, October 21, 2010

Top 100 most valuable Brands in the World

Hi friends!!
Friends if you observe my last posts, i have posted lists of companies. But now this time i'm here to post the list of Top Valuable  Brands in The World.

First, it is important to know what is Brand.

A brand is the logo or trade mark or name of the product with which the company is famous in the public.

A product is a finished good. Here inputs, raw materials etc involves.

So i hope you got a picture about a brand. So i think it is better to post the list of brands.

So friends if we observe clearly only one brand from India is there in Top 100. It is ICICI.

So friends here is the list. Oh god for getting this list i did a great work because nowhere it is available. What ever it may be at last i got it. Thanks for visiting my blog friends.
Keep visiting guys. Meet you all later in the same adda. 
Take care . Keep SmiLinG.......................guys.

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