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Ethics in Life-Importance

  ''Pursuit of Happy Life''

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Why every time posting about Business matters????

I think some of you might got this question in your minds. 

So this time let us we try to know importance of  'Ethics In Life'. 
I hope this topic will improve your personality. You can think it is as 'Personality Development' article.
Yeah it is.

Basically in the present world every student is good at the knowledge. No one lacking much behind. There may be variations in the levels. With this knowledge can we survive in this present world??? Yeah absolutely yes. Don't be confused you heard right. Every person can survive in the present world by fillng atleast their daily needs (financial status may have some variations). 
Why these variations????
It is a sensitive question. We can't give answer in one word or sentence. I will give an example and make it clear.
Eg: There are two students with same qualifications and skills. One of the student is good at elders and dedicated to work blah blah blah whereas another student is also good at work but not with the etiquette. 
If you are the HR personnel who was appointed to hire a good employee who can be suited. Then whom will you select? 
If i am the recruiter then i will obviously select the first candidate. I will not consider the marks first because first we should see whether the candidate is interested or not. Then after immediately i will see the etiquette.
Then you may get one doubt that how is it possible to say whether the candidate is good at the ethics or not.? My answer is Yeah it is possible by his/her Non-Verbal actions. You know in interview 75% analysis of the candidate is dine in the angle of their non-verbal actions.
Then you must say what is the different between 1st n 2nd candidate? Ethical values.

Really friends ethical values occupy a major role in the people life. He must not be social worker but should be at-least true to himself.

What actually ethics means?
Ethics tell us about our moral duties and obligations so that our behaviour at work or at home is right, truthful and just. Ethics are a set of standards and rules that are required by an individual for leading a satisfactory family life and being a good worker. Therefore, you require a set of ethics at home as well as at your work
place. You can observe the ethical behaviour through the following habits.
  • sincerity,
  •  honesty 
  • truthfulness
  •  respect for self and others
  •  respect for time
  •  respect for work
  •  respect for our environment

Besides these ethics in our domestic life, our work place demands certain
specific ethics. These are: 
  • regularity and punctuality
  • confidentiality 
  • loyalty maintaining 
  • cordial relations with house members and neighbors
  • willingness to learn and take on new responsbilities
 Actually ethical values may concentrate more on work place because of the flexible source of understanding. 
As human beings have to spend equal time like in home with workplace it is better to understand with that.

Is there any need of ethical values??
Obviously YES


Now let us find out why it is essential to have good ethics and how they affect our
interpersonal relationship and work performance.
Any work situation either at the office or at home has three major components:
Work, Worker and the Work Place.
  • The Work is the actual task to be done.
  • The Worker is the person who does the task.
  • Work Place includes the place for doing the task, tools and equipments required
    and the storage space for them.
We can compare these three with the home.

You will agree that all the three components are inter-related and dependent on
each other. Further, you will also agree that the Worker is the most important
component of any work situation. This is so because only the Worker has the
ability to think, analyse, learn and manipulate. A Worker can acquire the art of
effective management of the Work, the Work Place, himself/herself and the other
Workers. A Worker can also be disloyal, lazy, a bad manager of the Work Place
and thus ruin the business. If he is like that then just imagine the position once??

Thus for the successful achievement of our goals and objectives, efficient utilisation
of our resources and to maintain discipline at home and at work, we need to
develop and adopt certain work ethics. These work ethics help us to do a task to
the best of our ability in a fair, just and impartial way. They encourage us to develop
and maintain a cordial work environment where all the people can enjoy
each other's support and confidence.

Now i hope that you might have got what exactly Ethic means??
ethics means
(a) a set of rules and standards
(b) a set of norms and standards
(c) right decisions and standards
(d) a set of rules and right decisions

some of the ethical problems commonly faced by us when we visit any work place
where workers:
  • are irregular and lack punctuality
  • are rude and impolite
  • have inadequate knowledge and skill
  • waste resources
  • disregard rules and regulations
  • disrespect the task at hand
  • are disloyal
or in some homes

Irregularity and Lack of Punctuality
Irregularity and lack of punctuality are problems which you encounter frequently in any work situation. Look around yourself and you may come across people who get up late in the morning and are unable to send their children to school on time. They may also not be able to provide their family members with proper meals and have disorganised homes due to their irregular behaviour and lack of punctuality. Such people frequently absent themselves from work. Others like to come in late and leave early as a matter of habit or right. Some workers are never found at their seat during working hours. You may have witnessed the inconvenience caused to the public wanting to pay bills when counter clerks are either late or not found at their seats in banks, post offices, and telephone and electricity offices. The irresponsible behaviour of such people spoils the discipline of the work environment, sets bad examples, causes inconvenience to the public andlowers the image of the organisation.
It is one of the problem which imits our ethical values.
Are you regular and punctual in studying and completing your lessons and exercises?
If not, you will not be able to perform well in your exams and will then feel
unhappy about it. You should also understand that this will affect your future career prospects.

Rude and Impolite Behaviour
Sometimes certain family members are in the habit of being rude and aggressive. Not only does this destroy the peaceful atmosphere at home but also creates a bad name for the family. Actually we all know that the child are much innocent of all. If their mother or father are rude and impolite then there is a chance that they may also become like that. So we should be very careful in-front of child. Even we are students if any kid is there with us then we should control our-self to not speak bad.

Inadequate Knowledge and Skill
Many people project that they have special skills and knowledge to impress others and enhance their job prospects. Suppose you have access to a computer but do not know how to operate it, yet you insist on operating it, who would be responsible if it gets spoilt? Many people claim to be qualified doctors and treat
patients for illnesses about which they know nothing. As a result, they can endanger a patient’s life. Often people claim to be electricians without any knowledge about electricity or machines and cause heavy losses.

Knowing your job is very important. One should not only be skilled at one’s job but also be ready to learn more about it and update ones knowledge and skills from time to time. Inadequate knowledge about nutrition, home appliances, medicines and cleaning agents can sometimes cause serious mishaps at home. Further,
lack of knowledge of safety and first aid measures can also be very dangerous.

Wastage of Resources
We all know that many of our resources are limited. Some homemakers are in the habit of over estimating and thereby wasting a lot of cooked food. Sometimes, due to improper storage, raw ingredients get
spoilt and have to be thrown. Some people take large servings on their plates andleave uneaten food when they are not able to eat it. Making unplanned and frequenttrips to the market without preparing a shopping list leads to a wastage of your time and energy, and fuel if you go by a vehicle.
Lights and fans left running, without anybody using them, are a common sight in many offices. Items of
office stationery being misused and thrown around are also a common sight. Misuse of office telephones
and vehicles for personal work is a common occurence. You may have also noticed that people
do not close taps after drinking water. All this is a wastage of our precious resources.

Disregard for Rules and Regulations
You may have observed that in some homes special treatment is given to sons in comparison to daughters. Often parents show favouritism towards a particular child. Have you noticed a difference in the treatment of a daughter and a daughterin- law in some families? In certain situations, mentally and physically challenged
individuals are discriminated against normal ones, both at home and outside. Some people consider disregard for family norms and culture as signs of modernity. Can you give some more such examples?
In many work situations one finds that the rules and regulations laid down for maintaining discipline, good employer employee relationship and team spirit are disregarded. This is usually observed when promotions are given out of turn, or the management shows favouritism. In some work places you may find that people
are discriminated against because of their caste, sex or physical handicap. In many cases women and children are paid less than men for the same job. Employing children in hazardous industries like manufacture of fire crackers, chalks, etc., despite strict government regulations is also unethical. Some students do not complete
their assignments themselves and get them done by others or copy other students’ work. Besides this, you may have observed some people cheating during examination. This is against the rules and procedures laid down by the examining body and therefore, not ethical. Disregard of rules and regulations often leads
to serious situations at home and in the workplace.

Disrespect for the Job
"Oh! I am only a housewife, I don't work". "I am just a simple clerk!"
Have you come across people who feel ashamed about the job they are doing and talk like this? You must have wondered why they feel ashamed.
In our society, it is a common practice to consider some jobs respectable and others less respectable; some jobs high and others lowly. As a result, many people, despite enjoying their work, do not want to tell others about it for the fear of being looked down upon. A housewife's contribution to the successful running of a home is not given due respect by her family and the society in general. Let’s take another example, a man selling drinking water on the roadside should feel proud of doing so. Similarly, the passersby must not feel that supplying drinking water on the roadside is a job to be looked down upon.

Disclosing your family's secrets and maligning family members in public are considered signs of disloyalty to the family. Taking away common funds and setting up something for your self ‘interest’ is yet an other way of being disloyal to one's family.
In offices, some staff members indulge in activities that are harmful to the success of the organisation they work for. For instance, a chemical engineer may quietly sell the secret formula of a new product to a rival company for some quick extra money. A corrupt union leader may call for a strike of mill workers, thereby stopping production at the mill leading to heavy losses. Taking bribes to grant special favours to certain companies and people at the cost of one's own organisation is a common occurence today. Cheating one’s employer and working for someone else while being in the employment of another are other examples of disloyalty.
Can you think of some more examples of disloyal behaviour?

What are the ethics to be followed to overcome problems??
  1. _Be regular and punctual at work and at home.
  2. _ Do the task assigned to you.
  3. _ Be polite, patient, courteous and respectful to all.
  4. _ Acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to do the task assigned to you.
  5. _ Be prepared to learn more and update yourself.
  6. _ Find more and more efficient ways of getting your work done.
  7. _ Manage and apply your resources efficiently. Do not waste resources.
  8. _ Follow the rules, policies and procedures of your work strictly and uniformly.
  9. _ Do not indulge in favouritism and discrimination while doing your duty. Treat everyone equally.
  10. _ Have respect for all kinds of work.
  11. _ Do not accept favours that may negatively influence the performance of your work.
  12. _ Be loyal to your work and to the organisation to which you belong.
  13. _ Expose corruption wherever you encounter it.
These are 13 points should be followed to have ethical life. If you follow these points then automatically you will be respected by everyone who knows you better. Be good to everyone friends. Don't discriminate anyone unnecessarily. When you follow these rules then you are going to have a good ethical life and good health tooo. 
So friends here i end the topic. I hope that you will like the topic. There is no meaning of posting this valuable topic unless you try to be ethical. Only thing i want to say is we have just only one life. We don't know whether we have another or not so live the only life without any pressures and sadness. Let we live happy.Let us we find ''Pursuit of Happyness'' of life. I think you are going to avoid all negatives by following above 13 points. Its so valuable post. Please suggest to all whom need to know this. Please follow my blog if you like my post.



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